Plan a surprise party for the frozen colonists you stranded on an ancient planet. Collect resources, 3D-print party stuff, and hope they're not too mad when they defrost.

Developed by Arman Nobari, Harlow is an atmospheric 2D action platformer with an immersive original soundtrack co-produced by OBFUSC (Monument Valley, NeoCab).

Arriving 2022

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More coming soon.

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Game background

Harlow is a game about planning a surprise party in space as a bouncy, clumsy robot, as you explore an ancient planet. But for the game’s creator, Arman, it’s a game about remaining hopeful through an intense chapter of life.

In late 2018, Arman faced a tumor at the front of his brain and the loss of a parent, both in quick succession. To help recover from that experience, he experimented with creative projects ranging from portraiture to programming. After much iterating, one of those projects organically formed into Harlow.

Harlow is easy to play and challenging to master. Drag to aim, release to fire; physics handles the rest. Unlock different endings based on the kind of surprise party you throw for the frozen humans. Fingers crossed they like it!

The human colonists in the game might be stranded on a distant planet, but there’s always a reason to remain hopeful that things will get better, and there's always a reason to party.


A thumbnail showing a green scene, and a small robot leaping through the air, over a dangerous obstacle.
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